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Ms Rebeca Neumann
Services: Staff speak English, Spanish, French and German. Specialisations are in Company Law, Transfer of Capital, Visa Application, Contracts, Family and Inheritance Law. The Office also specializes in Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law.
Av. Marquês de Olinda, 126, sl. 503, Recife Antigo Recife – PE - 50030-901 (tel: + 55 81 30315363) 
Mr Ivan Barreto de Lima Rocha
Services: Specialisations are in International Trade, Tax, Criminal Representation, Adoption and Child Custody, Property, Trusts and Estates, Commercial Collections, Labour, and Litigation.
Rua Prof. Othon Paraíso, 328|360. Torreão. Recife – PE. - 52030-250 (tel: +55 81 3241-7162) 
Mr Laerte Meyer de Castro Alves
Services: Staff speak English, Spanish, German and Japanese. Specialisations are in Corporate Law, Contractual Law, International Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, Environmental Law, Consumer Law and Intellectual Property Law.
Av. Agamenon Magalhães, 2615, 1º andar Boa Vista Recife – PE - 52020-290 (tel: +55 81 3212-1420)