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Agility (Vancouver),
Services: At Agility, we go above and beyond for our customers. Our people take on today's uncertainties with a can-do-attitude, confident in their unmatched knowledge of local markets and their own expertise in logistics.
13071 Vanier Place, Unit 100, Richmond, BC - V6V 2J1 (tel: +1 (1)604 270-7582) 
JB Ellis & Co Ltd
Services: Customs Brokerage.
1188 West Georgia Street, Suite 1230, Vancouver - V6E 4A2 (tel: +1 (1)604 408-7150) 
Speedy Air Cargo Inc
Unit 110, 5200 Miller Road, Vancouver International Airport - V7B 1K5 (tel: +1 (1)604 273-6416) 
Preferred Service Customs Brokers
Vancouver International Airport, Unit 115, 5980 Miller Road, Richmond - V7B 1K2 (tel: +1 (1)604 270-6607) 
Courtney Agencies Ltd
Services: Whether you are a one-time shipper or a multinational corporation with an extensive supply chain, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your unique customs and transportation needs.
FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations CIFFA - Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
Suite 802, 535 Thurlow Street, Vancouver - V6E 3L2 (tel: +1 (1)604 684-7505)