Thursday, December 10, 2009

After Anti Trust Suits In Air Freight Italian Forwarding Companies Are Investigated

Enquiry Launched into Excessive Cooperation
Shipping News Feature

ITALY – Following the launch of their anti trust investigation into the Italian Postal Service in October the Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, the body responsible for anti cartel and anti trust activity, are to investigate members of Fedespedi, the National Association of Freight Forwarding companies.

According to reports the companies involved stand accused of numerous, regular consultations to exchange sensitive business tactics to align future business strategies. Members of Federspedi reportedly under investigation include Agility, Albini & Pitigliani, Brigl, , DHL, Ferrari, Francesco Parisi, Gefco, Geodis, I-Dika, Italmondo, Italsempione, ITX Cargo, Rhenus, Saima (now DSV), DB Schenker, Sittam, Transervice and Villanova.

All the companies contacted have confirmed their cooperation with the authorities over the matter and the enquiry is targeted at excessive cooperation between the companies involved specifically in the field of road transport. All those involved have international trucking services and questions are being tabled about unanimity of fuel surcharges, documentation and administrative charges.

The road freight pricing enquiry echoes in a small way similar accusations to the enormous scandal of air freight anti trust cooperation which has been proceeding from the US , Australia, New Zealand and now into Thailand and Europe over the past few months.