Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Attempted Scam Using Express Parcel and Freight Carrier's Identity (UPS)

Beware Those (not actually) Bearing Gifts
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Yet another scam today as now e mails, masquerading as genuine notifications of goods arrivals from express freight and parcel carrier UPS arrives in our Newsdesk inbox. The only real difference between these particular missives and the bogus FedEx ones we wrote about recently, is that the perpetrators this time appear to actually be able to spell (although once again the e mail switches from upper to lower case when it reaches package numbers, so possibly from the same source only now they have a dictionary).

Be warned, these e mails have .zip files attached which, if opened, will doubtless open up a can of worms for you and your trusty computer so:

Step One – Forward without opening to fraud@ups.com

Step Two – Delete completely from your mailbox

There is still of course, for us at least, one obvious giveaway, the threat of demurrage charges for non-collection is quoted in US dollars – not the local currency for either the Handy Shipping Guide office in the UK or Thailand. The wording of this latest attempt to deceive is as follows:

UPS Notification Our company`s courier couldn`t make the delivery of package.

REASON: Postal code contains an error


SERVICE: Two-day shipping


FEATURES: No Print the attached file for details. An additional information: If the package isn`t received within 5 working days our company will have the right to claim compensation from you for it`s keeping in the amount of $7.77 for each day of keeping of it. Thank you for using our service. UPS Global

Remember, don’t open the attachment!