Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Email Scam as Fake Parcel Carrier Tempts Freight Customers to Download Invoices

DHL Express the Target with a New Take on what is now an Old Crime
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Yet another email scam is doing the rounds, and again the subtle way it is worded is almost bound to catch out the unsuspecting target. This time it’s poor old DHL Express again (note our September article) who purport to be sending a notification, not for once directly regarding a potential delivery but instead saying that an invoice has to be downloaded to enable the ‘customer’ to confirm they are the consignee when the freight arrives.

The full text of the fake email is as follows:

Dear Receiver,

Please find your newly posted invoice(s) for your shipments and services supplied by DHL Express.

Sender Account ending-> *****09372

For full statement information and a full list of outstanding invoices please click here and download.

Kindly keep the downloaded invoices safe, we will need you to provide them for confirmation before delivering your shipment.

We would like to thank you for accepting the services of DHL Express.

With kind regards,

DHL Team

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As usual a big company makes the easiest target, most people reading this will have received goods via the big parcel carriers at one time or another. Anyone receiving this particular email should immediately delete it and, under no circumstances, open the attachment!