Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another Huge Heavy Lift Freight Project Consignment Forwarded Successfully  

Giant Shiploader Transported Without Incident

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Shipping News Feature BELGIUM – ANGOLA – As usual nothing gets a freight forwarder more excited than a big project cargo job and once again, Hamburg headquartered Hansa Heavy Lift has safely transported another one to get the attention. A huge shiploader, with the largest unit weighing 513 metric tonnes and measuring an enormous total of 65,480 m3 was moved from Antwerp, Belgium to Namibe, Angola.

The giant shiploader was transported aboard HHL Valparaiso alongside other equipment including a reclaimer, an elevator, and a tripper car, as well as other accessories, with all cargo being discharged at the Port of Namibe. Hansa Heavy Lift secured the cargo with extra lashings for the long-sea passage due to the potentially adverse weather conditions, and also made sure that ship movement alongside the quay was minimised. Bozidar Ukas, Head of Offshore, Engineering Department, Hansa Heavy Lift, observed:

"This was a challenging operation that required strong engineering expertise and close cooperation with the customer through all stages of the project, from planning to discharge, in order to ensure a smooth and flawless operation. Due to the equipment’s overall dimensions, with the shiploader measuring 63.5 metres in length and the reclaimer measuring 57 metres in length, lifting operations had to be managed meticulously and attention to detail was a must. We used the vessel’s cranes to add the shiploader’s counterweights for lifting operations and to remove them for the voyage to ensure safe lifting and sailing conditions."

Mobility and power checks were also carried out due to the length of time the equipment spent in storage and the result of such attention was a successful move which left the principals’ clearly impressed, with Luc Rom of Manora Logistics, commenting:

"The Hansa Heavy Lift team handled this project efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism, keeping us involved and informed at every stage of the process. It was a pleasure dealing with the commercial, operational and engineering people in the company. And the crew on the vessel executed all operations to perfection. All our expectations were surpassed, and we would look forward to working with Hansa Heavy Lift again in the future."

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