Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Messy Freight Cartel and Antitrust Case Draws to a Close

Only One Air Cargo Carrier Holding Out
Shipping News Feature
US – NEW ZEALAND – And then there was one. Air New Zealand has entered into a settlement agreement in the large multidistrict antitrust class action against air freight carriers in New York. Subject to court approval, the airline has agreed to pay $35 million to settle claims that they colluded with several competitors to fix inflated surcharges on air freight shipments to and from the US and worldwide. This case, like so many of the other cartel and antitrust scandals to have hit the industry in recent years, seems to have run and run.

To date, plaintiffs have entered into settlements with 27 defendant groups totalling more than $1.2 billion, of which settlements with 24 defendant groups for $1.04 billion have been granted final approval by the court. The two most recent settlements, with two defendant groups, Air China for $50 million and Polar Air Cargo for $100 million, have been granted preliminary approval by the court.

With the Court trial set to begin in September 2016, Air India has yet to enter any settlement agreements.

In re: Air Cargo Shipping Services Antitrust Litigation, 06-MD-1775 (JG) (VVP)