Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ASH CLOUD UPDATE 0700 TUESDAY 20TH APRIL: Scottish Airports Reopen

But New Cloud Threatens Further Disruption
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – At 0700 this morning airports in Scotland were finally able to open to flights after five days of disruption. However, the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) is warning that a new ash bloom has formed and as a result they can not be certain that airports in southern England and Wales will be able to open.

And disruption continues across parts of Europe with Poland and part of Norway remaining shut. Germany and France are examining partial opening of their airspace for long-haul routes.

British Airways have already stated that they will not be flying any short haul flights today. And other airlines have already stated that they will be struggling to get aircraft onto normal schedules for at least a week, and this will be aggravated by the continuing problems.

All passengers should contact their airlines before they travel to airports.

NATS are to issue an update on southern airspace at 0900 on the situation. We will update in the comments section throughout the day on developments.