Friday, October 9, 2009

Australian RoRo Freight And Passenger Ferry Service Suspended Again

Crew Strike Brings State Funded Service to a Halt
Shipping News Feature

TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA – Once again there is no service between Bridport and Flinders Island as this week it is the crew of the Southern Shipping Services who are refusing to man the vessel until money is forthcoming.

In an ironic twist, the crew remain on Flinders, by far the largest in the Furneaux Group, which, like the stranded vessel the Matthew Flinders, is named after a crewman of Captain Bligh. The management company have been listed as owing A$75,000 in the Collection Services Gazette recently and we reported last week when TasPorts suspended docking facilities until old debts were settled.

The Matthew Flinders remains in port at Lady Barron where people and livestock await the service to resume. The Government are reported to be investigating. Farmers, who rely on the service, have been demanding a review of the service for months with the next renewal of contract not due until June 2011.

(pic: MV Southern Condor, not involved in dispute)