Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Automatic Hook May Prove a Boon to Handling Bulk Cargo and General Freight

Electronic Technology Removes Risk of Clambering Atop Goods to Sling Loads
Shipping News Feature

UK – SPAIN - WORLDWIDE – The dangers of clambering around at height engaging and detaching cargo hooks swinging from crane arms hardly need illustrating more graphically to any freight or logistics professional. Whilst automatic hooks are widely used in Spain they will be unfamiliar to many in the lift and hoist industry and now with the UK launch of the elebia® ‘evo’ automatic crane hook, Kent based distributors Red Plant are hoping to change that with a device that enables connection to the load without the use of manpower.

At last week’s Multimodal exhibition the innovative automatic hook design which generates a magnetic field that attracts and guides a lifting ring or sling, itself attracted a fair amount of attention. In use the controller simply presses a button on the remote control and the hook closes automatically with no need for handling or rigging thus eliminating danger. This system works with cable and chain slings, traditional hoist rings, textile slings and even with bigbags.

The elebia® autohook is available in 3 sizes, capable of lifting 5, 10 or 20 tonnes. The remote control has a range of 100 metres and can operate up to 16 autohooks simultaneously providing flexibility in complex lifting situations, and the elimination of risk from one of the most dangerous areas of manual and machine handling is bound to prove a boon for many in the supply chain.

Videos of the elebia equipment operating in different situations can be viewed HERE.