Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chinese Freight Truck Driver Is A Blinking Nuisance

Eye, Eye, That’s Your Lot – A Haulage Tale you couldn’t make up
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – Police in the province of Henan couldn’t believe, well their eyes, when they saw 24 year old freight truck driver Sing Li approaching. Sing had just completed a 500 mile transit without a windscreen! Not to be beaten, and afraid of running late on his delivery schedule the intrepid trucker taped cardboard over the screen, smashed by a loose stone, and proceeded on his way.

Cardboard being opaque Sing was forced to navigate by sticking his head out of the driver’s side window for the full journey and, Eastern China being a trifle chilly for the time of year, by the time he was arrested his head had turned blue and one eye was firmly frozen shut.

No appeals to the Court could prevent the authorities deciding to “take away” sad Sing’s licence.