Monday, August 31, 2009

Detained Freighter Held Our Cargo says Italian Freight Forwarder

North Korean Arms Weapons Smuggling Mystery Deepens as Analyst Queries Ultimate Destination
Shipping News Feature

ITALY :- Milan based International Freight OTIM spA have revealed it was cargo carried on their behalf which contained the munitions stash outlined in the HSG story of yesterday. In a press interview Mr Mario Carniglia CEO of the company outlined the circumstances under which the shipment was moved.

Apparently the goods were in sealed crates which OTIM forwarded from the North Korean port of Nampo destined for Bandar Abbas in Iran, manifested as Oil Pumping/Boring Equipment spares, and were transhipped in Dalian, China. OTIM were insistent that the containers the goods were stowed in remained sealed throughout the movement. In China the goods boarded the ANL Australia for shipment to Iran.

OTIM, unsurprisingly, have not revealed the name of their original customer and the UN Sanctions Committee have commenced their own investigation and will doubtless focus on this when they contact the host of countries now involved in the convoluted story.

HSG spoke to a military analyst who expressed surprise at the supposed destination. “If the list of munitions seized (small arms, detonators, RPG’s etc) is accurate these items are all manufactured in Iran. This begs the question as to the intended purpose and destination of the weapons. Iranian manufactured armaments would very likely be recognised as such if seized elsewhere”.