Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evergreen Aims For Worlds Largest Shipping Container Fleet

Purchase of One Hundred Vessels Planned for 2010
Shipping News Feature

TAIWAN – In an interview given to United Daily News today the founder of the Evergreen Group Dr Chang Jung-fa predicted the company would order 100 new container ships in 2010. He apparently stated his intention to make Evergreen the largest container carrying group in his lifetime. Speaking after Chang 81, was named last week as one of the 111 celebrities and business people making up the preparatory committee to organise celebrations of Taiwan’s 100th National day in two years time, such a prediction from anyone else would be dismissed out of hand, but not in this case.

Chang holds no less than seven doctorates plus a professorship, through sheer hard work and with immense foresight he has built up Evergreen to be the fourth largest box carrier in the world. He diversified in the late 1980’s and 1990’s to form Eva Air and open hotel and catering facilities.

The leader of the instantly recognised group, with its distinctive green containers and staff uniforms commands huge respect both within his own group companies and throughout the industry, which has seen him lead trends in shipping for over four decades. If the reports are factual and Evergreen follow up with orders the glut of vessels currently laid up or unpaid for could prove rich pickings if the market does develop as Dr Chang apparently believes.