Thursday, February 10, 2011

Express Delivery Group To Invest $40 Million In New US Air Freight Hub

DHL Increases Handling Capacity at CVG
Shipping News Feature

US – In the second phase of their investment in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) airport DHL announced today it is investing a further $22.5 million expanding its cargo hub facility to suit its customers’ demands for handling international air freight traffic. The CVG hub handles about 90% of the DHL volume that enters the U.S.

This is the second phase of a two year, $40 million investment to enhance DHL operations at the Cincinnati hub which includes equipment upgrades and various facility improvements. In October 2010, DHL announced a $12.5 million project to upgrade existing hardware and software applications running its auto sort system, improving the speed and reliability of shipment scanning and sorting as volumes grow at the Cincinnati hub.

Two years ago DHL closed its freight handling hub at Wilmington which local press reported cost 8,000 jobs in the area. Now, starting in March, DHL will build on 19 acres of land leased from the CVG Airport authority to expand its existing aircraft parking apron and construct nine new aircraft gates. The expansion will enable parking for nine additional wide-body aircraft that will connect the United States to points in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All the new gates will have more efficient hydrant jet refuelling systems as well as the capability to de-ice aircraft directly at the gate.

Development is expected to be completed by September to keep pace with DHL’s new selection of Time Definite import and export express services and newly scheduled flights to the U.S. from Paris and Frankfurt plus further expanded next-day service from other key points in Western Europe.