Thursday, August 26, 2010

Express Freight Carrier Still Helping With Hurricane Relief - 5 Years On

FedEx Sponsor New Orleans Summit
Shipping News Feature

US – This is a particularly poignant moment in history for those who have ever suffered at the hands of floodwater. The current disaster in Pakistan, an inundation of Biblical proportions affecting in excess of 20 million people, far exceeds anything similar in recent history. This however is no consolation to the good folk of New Orleans made homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Almost 2,000 people lost their lives amid damage to property of over $80 billion as the levees protecting the city burst flooding 80% of the town making the 2005 disaster the most expensive in American history. Now, five years on FedEx, one of the first companies to offer aid, actually shipping 60 tonnes of supplies to emergency staging centres before the storm made landfall plus giving continued assistance to various relief organisations, is to co sponsor with the Salvation Army, a ‘Resiliency Summit’.

The Resiliency Summit is examining the progress achieved throughout New Orleans’ communities, and stimulating discussion around strategies for both further restoring New Orleans’ neighbourhoods, and using recovery as an opportunity to build long-term capacity and resiliency. The one-day event features speakers from across the country engaging in topics including neighbourhood empowerment, community buy-in, leveraging resources and opportunities for advancement and reflection upon the progress made five years following the floods.

The key to disaster recovery is disaster preparedness, and FedEx maintains its commitment to New Orleans. Two years ago FedEx donated a Disaster Response Unit (canteen truck) to The Salvation Army help with ongoing disaster relief and recovery efforts in the region. Now FedEx is sponsoring an unprecedented summit of specialists, community leaders and academics, utilizing their experience, research and expertise to discuss solutions for building community resiliency in a post-disaster environment.

Once again a freight industry leader is showing the way when it comes to supporting its customers. Still serving every zip code area in New Orleans, FedEx say they are proud to play a continuing role in restoring and rebuilding the region.