Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fed Up With Failed Amazon Weekend Deliveries? Worry No More Thanks to e-commerce Group  

Firms Can Adjust Parameters Themselves to Ensure Parcels Arrive Only on Working Days

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Shipping News Feature UK – Our thanks goes out to e-commerce specialist ParcelCompare for illustrating a simple way to ensure the courier with your Amazon purchased package won’t arrive on a day over the weekend, just to find a locked office or nobody home. Such deliveries waste both the time of the driver and the receiver who then often has to arrange a re-collection and delivery. As ParcelCompare point out, many consumers are loving the new weekend shipping service from Amazon that increasingly includes Sunday deliveries. The company however is not a fan.

There is nothing more frustrating than opening the office on a Monday morning to find that essential spare or office supply had been delivered out of hours at a weekend, and for many private consumers it may mean taking a day’s holiday to ensure the courier doesn’t fail a second time. ParcelCompare’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, says there is an easy ‘hack’ to ensure you are not troubled by weekend deliveries, explaining:

”It's very simple to opt out of weekend deliveries - or just Saturday or Sundays in particular. Just log in to your Amazon account and click on 'Accounts & lists'. One of the options that opens up is for all the addresses you have set up for your account. It's marked 'Addresses - Edit addresses for accounts and gifts.”

From there it's just 3 simple steps to rid yourself of annoying weekend deliveries.

  1. Click on the box and in the next screen called 'Your Addresses' select those destinations you don't want deliveries shipped to at weekends and click on the small text saying 'Edit'.
  2. Now you are in the 'Edit your addresses' screen. Towards the bottom of the online form you will see the heading 'Additional Address details'. You will see a small heading here: 'Weekend delivery'. Automatically selected is the option 'I can receive packages on Saturdays and Sundays.' (Says David: “That's the setting that is driving some shopper’s nuts!”)
  3. Click on the text and up pop tick boxes to receive on Saturday and Sunday. Uncheck both to ensure no weekend deliveries to this address, or untick ‘Sunday’ to select Saturday only deliveries.

And that's it! Don't forget to click on the yellow ‘Save Changes’ box when you are finished – and you are now free of the majority of weekend deliveries; although, as David points out, Murphy's law means the very occasional one may get through, before he pointed out that there are many more parcel hints and tips on the ParcelCompare site, and claims customers could save over 60% against many Post Office prices.

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