Thursday, January 21, 2010

FedEx Reports on Efforts to Air Freight Relief To Haiti

Four Flights to Blighted Country and Santo Domingo
Shipping News Feature

USA / HAITI – FedEx has reported that it has successfully delivered over 180 tonnes in critical supplies for aid organisations which are endeavouring to assist survivors of the devastating earthquake that struck the Haitian capital of Port-au-Price last week.

FedEx state that they managed to get one flight into Haiti on Sunday, January the 17th, carrying over ten tonnes of equipment including 25 critical solar-powered water purification units. In addition, the company has made three additional flights to Santa Domingo in the Domincan Republic with a large quantity of relief supplies on behalf of the American Red Cross.

The company says that they have loads of medical supplies on behalf of Heart to Heart and Direct Relief International which they shall deliver as soon as landing slots become available either in Port au Prince or Santo Domingo.

In common with an announcement made last week by UPS, FedEx also state that intend to contribute more than $1 million in cash and emergency freight logistics to the international relief efforts.

 (pic: FedEx plane loading supplies in Miami for Port-au-Prince)