Thursday, August 31, 2017

For On Time Logistics Firms a Suitable Fork Truck to Handle the Freight is Essential

Flexi Supplies Handling Equipment for Express Consignment Group
Shipping News Feature
UK – Everyone in the freight industry knows that certain parameters are critical to success. Time and space are what it is all about, consignments collected and delivered promptly and the best use of the facilities available to minimise costs and maximise profits. It is, unequivocally, a dog eat dog world when one is involved with modern logistics. These two factors apply particularly if a company sells its services as time critical, as does Midlands based JJX Logistics, which specialises in the 'same day' concept.

As well as the fastest possible turnover out on the road it is necessary to locate and distribute the loads within the warehouse itself, and when one’s turnover involves a diverse operation covering first class bespoke services for the temperature controlled, defence, aerospace, home delivery, hazardous goods and events sectors, it is essential that the geography of the warehouse layout, and the equipment in use, optimises every opportunity to speed up things. JJX director, John Donovan elaborates:

“We store and move anything from chemicals to sensitive IT goods and our customers expect a high-quality, timely and reliable service, so when specifying our MHE requirements we looked for the most efficient and safe intralogistics solution.”

After examining the options JJX management settled on clean-running Flexi VNA electric articulated forklift trucks to operate at its recently opened, 3,000 pallet capacity facility at Kingswinford. The Flexi very narrow aisle trucks used by JJX allow double handling to be eliminated, with no feeder trucks required, so the logistics outfit is able to achieve optimum throughput speeds in a high-density VNA format which has allowed handling costs to be minimised.

JJX has operated Flexi articulated forklifts at its other site in Wolverhampton for many years and had no hesitation in deploying the technology at its new centre. John Donovan commented:

“Over the last decade or more, we have built a reputation for delivering time-critical solutions. This means that we assess the individual logistics requirements of each load and provide our customers with a fast, efficient and compliant solution. To help us to do this we need high quality materials handling equipment and, in the Flexi articulated truck, we have the forklift technology that matches our needs.”