Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freight and Logistics and Road Haulage Interests Venture into the Games Market

Play Along with Volvo Trucking Game and Gebruder Weiss Puzzle App
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Apparently games are the new black where those involved in the road haulage and freight and logistics industries are concerned with both the Volvo Group and Gebrüder Weiss entering into the vast and competitive games market with Volvo producing a truck simulation game testing the players’ reactions and demonstrating the company’s vehicle fleet, and Gebrüder Weiss creating a strategic puzzle game in the form of a sliding block brain teaser, both calculated to attract players thereby reinforcing the companies brands.

To help launch its Global News site to the wider public, the Volvo Group has decided to release their fast paced game. The player is put behind the wheel of one of the Groups vehicles where the player would then carry out a variety of transport assignments. Simply named ‘Transporters’, the aim is to think fast and respond accurately and by driving the different vehicle types, picking up objects and avoiding obstacles in a variety of environments, the players can compete weekly to win a Transporters T-shirt.

Transporters can be played on the web, tablets or smart phone, available from App Store or Google Play and can be seen HERE. Mårten Wikforss Executive Vice President Corporate Communications at the Volvo Group said:

“The game is a playful way of illustrating how the Volvo Group and our products contribute to society every single day. For instance, one in every seven meals reaches European consumers thanks to trucks bearing the Volvo badge. In the USA, the waste that is carried away every week in our refuse trucks could form a column of trash bins reaching all the way to the moon, to mention just a couple of examples.”

In a change of pace, the goal of the Gebrüder Weiss sliding block puzzle, named ‘Logistics Expert’, is to move a Gebrüder Weiss forklift truck to the loading ramp as quickly as possible. Logistics skills are required to move around the boxes, pallets and other cargo items that are standing in the way. The game comes in 40 different levels with varying degrees of difficulty, providing beginners as well as experienced players a variety of tasks. The Google Play version can be downloaded HERE. Thomas Konrad, Head of Corporate Marketing Services and Communications at Gebrüder Weiss commented:

“With Logistics Expert, we want to increase our appeal to mobile users and inspire them on the subject of logistics in a playful manner.”

Also available for download for both iPhones/iPads and Android smart phone via the App Store or Google Play, the gaming app also comes with a so-called Web High score. In this way, players can compare their own results with those of others and see where they stand in the overall ranking and scores of both Transporters and Logistics Expert can be shared by Facebook or Twitter. Logistics Expert can also be downloaded on a PC or a Mac but not yet available as an online/web game.