Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Freight and Logistics Can Help End the Disgrace of Burmese Disenfranchised Peoples  

Whilst Forwarding Agencies Move in so Persecution of Minorities Continues

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Shipping News Feature BURMA – In the past few years we have seen a flood of international companies, including some of the world's largest freight forwarding agencies and logistics outfits, opening facilities in what they choose to call Myanmar, a title not favoured by many of the many people familiar with the true state of the country. Despite all the PR, the government has been unable to hide the truth that it has terrorised and forcibly ejected around 700,000 Rohingya people from the country to neighbouring Bangladesh. But the Rohingya refugees are not the only people in Burma suffering at the hands of the military, and you have a chance to do something about it.

Every year, a small band of volunteers from a cornucopia of countries raises money for some of the many thousands of displaced people who hide out in the Burmese jungles, constantly under the threat of state violence. For thousands of villagers throughout Burma, such as the Karen people, many of whose ancestors have lived there for generations, running and hiding in the jungle is part of everyday life. Forced from their homes, they flee with the fears of being shot by the Burmese Army or maimed by landmines.

Can any of us really imagine what living under these circumstances is like? Can the family in our photograph consider their temporary shelter as ‘home’? Once again this year Run for Relief, an initiative of the Free Burma Rangers, will raise funds to truly make a difference for some of those afflicted by the incongruity of 135 different ethnic identities living in one country, many of whom are being actively persecuted.

Run for Relief endeavours to aid the victims of this ongoing crisis and last year’s races raised enough money to fully treat 500 patients and buy 200 shirts for school kids throughout Burma. Their work can only continue through the real input of kind hearted outsiders who recognise the desperate plight of the innocent, and they are asking for local businesses to advertise the next annual event which takes place on March 10 at the Huay Tung Tao Reservoir, Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and for anyone close enough to enter the event on the day who can register via this video.

However, despite the distance, we can do more than that. Shipping and forwarding is an international business, and surely we can engender an international response from the logistics industry. Again this year the Handy Shipping Guide will sponsor this invaluable event but more aid is needed and can be supplied with just a few strokes of the keyboard. Donations of any size can be made via the Free Burma Rangers website HERE. Please designate your donation as ‘other’ and type ‘Run for Relief’ in the designation box. You can confirm your donation, together with any message, by adding an email in the appropriate box to

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