Sunday, October 18, 2009

Freight Ship to Resume Service Next Week

Mathew Flinders has new crew
Shipping News Feature

TASMANIA – The saga of the MV Matthew Flinders appears to be about to be resolved, according to the operating company’s MD.

Southern Shipping’s Managing Director, Geoff Gabriel, has told the press that twelve new crewman have been recruited who will take over the running of the vessel next week and resume services to Flinders Island.

The ship has been stuck in dock since the crew went on strike over unpaid wages ten days ago. Since then the people of Flinders have largely been without mainstream links to the mainland and the whole issue has become a political embarrassment for the Tasmanian government with questions being raised on the competence of the Infrastructure Minister, Graeme Sturges, by opposition parties.

Mr. Gabriel went on to say that the original crew had not been sacked and that he expected them to continue to work for Southern Shipping should they wish to.