Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freight Transport Association Launches Cycling Code for Truck Operators

Initiative to Cut Cycling Deaths
Shipping News Feature

UK – The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched its latest initiative to combat the numbers of fatalities and injuries caused to cyclists by heavy freight trucks every year in London. The Cycling Code - which has been developed alongside the London Cycle Campaign, the Metropolitan Police, the Institute of Advanced Motorists and Transport for London (TfL) - is composed of a host of measures and advise that cyclists, drivers, businesses and local authorities can take which the FTA believes can substantially cut the number of incidents.

Amongst these are basic rules that truck drivers and cyclist should follow to minimise danger to one another (and though each of these parties may read them and dismiss them as obvious, it may be instructive to read the advice for the other party) as well as measures that transport managers can take in terms of training and accident / near miss reporting so that more accurate statistics can be made of the problem. In addition, the FTA advocates sponsorship of street furniture such as Trixi mirrors (as shown) by freight companies in coordination with local councils and safety organisations.

The FTA says:

“Cycling in London has doubled in the last 10 years and the Mayor’s objective is to see it increase fourfold in the next 10. Road space will not increase at all over that period so measures to promote harmonious sharing of the road are essential.

“As operators of commercial vehicles regularly making tens of thousands of journeys every day to deliver essential goods and service to London residences and premises, we are acutely aware of the risks posed to other road users, especially cyclists.

“As responsible businesses we wish to take the initiative to promote a Cycling Code of best practice to be followed by vehicle.”

The trade association is also calling on other operators and cyclists’ organisations to add their support to the Cycling Code and will be working with TfL and other local authorities around the country to promote awareness of the code widely in London and across the UK.

Anyone wishing to read the code or find out more can do so HERE. (pic: a Trixi mirror)