Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freight Truck Statistics Make Interesting Reading

Numbers of Intercontinental Movements Continue to Rise
Shipping News Feature

UK – Department for Transport figures show that after a slight increase of 4% in the number of goods vehicles travelling from Britain to the continent in the first quarter of this year, once again there was a further rise for the next three months, of 7%, against last years comparable period. An increase of 3% (455,000) were powered vehicles whilst unaccompanied trailers jumped by 20% to 176,000. 22% of the powered trucks were UK registered (20% for 2009).

During 2009 the level of UK registered truckers venturing abroad fell by around 9% with overall intercontinental truck movements down from 2008 by 14% overall. The numbers still have a way to go to reach the 2008 levels when over two million seven hundred thousand trucks crossed the channel into Europe.

The signs then are better for hard pressed British hauliers who in 2009 saw the number of UK truck registrations for vehicles over 7.5 tonne GVW reduce to its lowest level for seventeen years at around 37,000. The overall trend however is still not so encouraging with fierce competition from foreign vehicles, particularly Eastern Europeans, meaning in the decade between 1999 and 2009 seeing a 59% increase in the alien share of the trade. This figure is coincidentally matched by a 58% drop during the same period in deaths or serious injuries involving HGV’s, down to just 1,439.

Full 2009 statistics can be viewed HERE.