Wednesday, October 16, 2013

French Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Expands into Eastern Europe

Plans for Port Office and Extension of Services
Shipping News Feature

CROATIA – FRANCE – As one of the most recent members of the European Union, Croatia is seen by many logistics groups a potential growth market and that has been reinforced with the news that the Gefco group, which specialises in automotive and industrial product logistics, is opening up a new subsidiary in Zagreb. The country’s geographical location means it sits at the border crossroads of several countries and the French freight forwarding company says this position will strengthen its overland and maritime transport operations in the Balkan Peninsula.

Three Pan-European transport corridors run through Croatia and connect with Western Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, making the country a vital link in the logistics chain of the South-East European region. The advantages of European membership are manifold for Croatia, of prime interest to Gefco are of course the simplified customs procedures which will enable it to offer the whole range of its services without administrative constraints. 

Locating the new facility in Zagreb means it is in close proximity to the port of Rijeka, the largest port complex in the country, and one which lends itself to Gefco’s intended expansion into Western Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean rim, the intention being to open a port office in 2014. Tihomir Skrtic, a Croatian national who was formerly Business Development Manager of the group’s Slovenian subsidiary, has been appointed Managing Director of Gefco Croatia, who commented:

“A business location in Croatia, one of the fastest growing economies in South-Eastern Europe, will help Gefco strengthen its presence in these markets and give local and international companies easier access to the Group’s high value added services.”

Photo: A container facility in the Port of Rijeka