Monday, August 17, 2009

Heaviest Air Cargo Ever Carried

New record set by Antonov
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY / ARMENIA - An Antonov An-225 made history last Tuesday when it carried the heaviest single-piece load ever, a power station generator that topped the scales at 187.6 tonnes.

The generator was air shipped from Frankfurt to Yerevan, Armenia as the lack of a suitable port and mountainous terrain made this the only means of delivery viable. To reduce the weight per metre within the hold a special frame was specially designed and made for the transport.

The event marks another milestone for the An-225, nicknamed “Mriya” (Dream). The aircraft already holds the absolute cargo capacity record at 253.8 tonnes and the record for maximum commercial cargo carried at 247 tonnes. The type has also acquired an admirable reputation for sturdiness and capability that ranks it as the foremost super-heavy air lifter in the world; a reputation that is quite rightly deserved.