Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heavy Flooding Disrupts Haulage and Logistics Infrastructure in Lagos

Delays to Shipping Expected
Shipping News Feature

LAGOS / NIGERIA – Heavy rainfall and flooding has caused major disruption to the Nigerian capital and cost the lives of at least 25 people. Lagos experienced seventeen hours of continuous rainfall on Sunday which has closed most roads and caused substantial damage to the main Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.

Though ports and airports are reported to be open they are experiencing heavy delays caused by staff not being able to get to work. Anyone with shipments due into or out of Nigeria should check on the situation with their agent as problems are expected for the next two days and possibly longer. It should also be noted that there are reports of major disruption to the phone network.

State Governor Babatunde Fashola and the Commissioner for Transport counterpart, Kayode Opeifa have been to the scene of the flooding and have asked the Nigerian Federal government for assistance.

Speaking to press at the scene Mr, Fashola said:

“My sympathy goes to the people affected in the flood. I condole with people who lost children or properties; they should know I am with them. I will be making an appeal to the President to help with funds to relocate and resettle flood victims.

“I will also write to the Federal Government on the failed portion of Abeokuta Expressway. We hope the Federal Government would respond because we have virtually lost that road and traffic will be terrible.”