Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heavy Rains and Flooding Disrupting Freight Operations across the Sub Continent

Weather Has Now Lifted but Backlog to be Cleared
Shipping News Feature
INDIA – While much media attention has been paid to the terrible situation in Texas and the southern United States, on the other side of the world torrential monsoon rains have caused chaos across swathes of south Asia. Days of incessant rain have hit Mumbai, the heaviest the city has seen in over a decade, flooding vast areas of the city and causing at least five deaths.

This has been compounded by a high tide that has pushed water into the low lying areas of the city, causing water logging, flooded roads and train stations, disrupting transport service. However, according to GAC India flooding has started to recede and transportation for personnel has started to resume.

GAC reports that the disruption means that for several days only a skeleton staff have been available in the Port, Customs and offices, affecting import/export clearance in Mumbai. In addition for almost a week the customs online EDI systems has not been working nationwide, as the servers were down. This has affected import shipment clearance. The service is expected to be back in operation today but substantial backlogs are to be expected.

Cargo operations at ports along the east coast have also suffered issues due to the weather and, again, backlogs are to be expected.