Friday, September 4, 2009

India Continues its Freight Growth Surge

New cranes ordered to cope with increased traffic
Shipping News Feature

HALDIA, INDIA – Another good news story from the subcontinent as Liebherr delivered a further 6 mobile harbour cranes to the docks (pictured) to follow the 26 already delivered to Indian ports since they entered the market 5 years ago.

Despite economic woes world wide, India’s economy continues to grow at a rate of around 7% per annum. This is reflected in the number of development stories HSG has published in the past few weeks (see below).

The latest delivery of harbour side equipment consists of 6 type LHM 400 cranes delivered to ABG Infralogists Ltd., each with a lift capacity of 140 tonnes, all of which will be fully operational by mid October. The machinery emanated from Liebherr’s main crane plant at Nenzing, Austria and that company’s equipment holds the Indian record for rapid loading. A remarkable 101,250 tonnes being stowed in 48 hours whilst loading the MV Cape Santa Alegria at Krishnapatnam Port last month using just two of the company’s mobile LHM 500 harbour cranes.

With traffic continuing to grow despite the recession, the future for companies prepared to invest in the Indian logistics network looks brighter than for many other markets.

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