Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Klinge Unveils New Refrigerated Container for Hazardous Freight Shipping

Redundant Back Ups for Unstable Loads
Shipping News Feature

USA – Refrigerated shipping container (reefer) builders Klinge Corp has unveiled their latest solution to the problem of shipping hazardous materials that require cooling with a new reefer container that features redundant cooling and power systems to ensure these freight loads do not become unstable due to electrical failure.

The new system has been designed in response to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO)—the United Nation’s specialized agency for maritime safety—classification of organic peroxides and self-reactive substances as Dangerous Goods which require a system with redundant refrigeration, or primary and back-up refrigeration units, and back-up power supply.

Without proper temperature control, uncontrolled decomposition of organic peroxides and self-reactive substances can occur, with self-reactive substances having exothermic properties that make them liable to explode if not maintained at the correct temperature.

Jason Flynn, Klinge Corp Sales Manager, said:

“It is no surprise that due to the volatility of organic peroxides and self-reactive substances, many of the largest shipping lines in the world will refuse this type of hazardous cargo if it does not have redundant refrigeration and an integral generator set for back-up power supply.

“Over the last few months we have seen increasing demand by chemical and pharmaceutical companies for redundant refrigeration units to transport organic peroxides and self-reactive substances as required by the IMDG Code. Companies are realizing more and more that when it comes to safely transporting and storing chemicals, nothing is as important as the control of temperature.”

Klinge Corporation’s redundant refrigerated containers are equipped with two (primary and back-up) refrigeration units. The refrigeration unit automatically switches to its back-up in the case of a loss of performance or system failure to prevent incident when shipping hazardous freight.

The company offers their redundant refrigerated container with an integral diesel generator set capable of powering the refrigeration unit if loss of external power supply occurs or during transport on a truck.

(pic: Klinge’s Redundant Refrigeration Container with Integral Generator Set)