Friday, August 13, 2010

Logistics Firm Not Involved In Canadian Multimodal Hub Development

Windsor Airport Development Will Continue Regardless
Shipping News Feature

CANADA – Our story two days ago stated that Landstar Systems Inc. was planning to develop a multimodal freight hub on some 150 acres of land adjoining Windsor Airport in Ontario. The information was released by local government sources who now report they are ‘surprised’ that the company have denied any such intention.

The suspicion is that someone misinterpreted information as Carlin Enterprises, a Hamilton based freight broker, and agent for 3PL provider Landstar, was introduced by the authorities as their representatives and local mayor Eddie Francis produced an email he had received from the owner of Carlin stating his company’s intentions and mentioning approval from Landstar management. Carlin incorporate their customers name even in their web address.

Now it seems the airport officials have egg on faces having formally advised the press of the agreement without a single tenant having signed up for the scheme which was expected to produce several hundred local jobs. They are however undaunted saying that negotiations are continuing, although they carefully avoided saying with whom, and once again stressing the potential development would be at zero cost to ratepayers.

Landstar however are not so happy, they issued a statement immediately the story broke saying no part of their organisation was involved in the potential development and that ‘Carlin Enterprises is an independently owned and operated agency for Landstar but is not acting as Landstar's agent or representative in this project’. Landstar stock fell around $2 to about $38 after the asset poor third party logistics providers name was associated with the project prompting their quick denial.