Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Air Freight Carriers In The Dock On Price Fixing

South Africa Levies Charges Against Eight Cargo Carriers
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH AFRICA – The litany of misery facing many of the world’s leading air freight carriers continues as charges are readied against eight companies accused by the Competition Commission of collusion over fuel surcharges and tariff rates. We have previously reported how the Korean authorities had fined 19 carriers around $100 million in May for similar offences and multiple violations in Europe, Australia and the USA.

Now it seems that using evidence, much of it gained from whistle blowers Lufthansa following accusations against them in 2006, is to be used to bring the cargo carriers to book, with a threatened fine of 10% of annual turnover if the cases are proven at the Competition Tribunal who are adjudicating on the matter.

Lufthansa it seems will walk away scot free having negotiated an immunity deal but the others, British Airways, Air France Cargo, KLM Cargo, Alitalia Cargo, SAA, Singapore Airlines, Martinair Cargo and, Cargolux International, are likely to be heavily penalised after the country acted recently against other industries including construction, fertiliser and companies in the food and agricultural sectors in what is proving a lucrative sideline for the authorities.