Friday, August 20, 2010

New All Electric Light Commercial Truck Now Available

Low Cost Delivery Vehicle Becomes Available
Shipping News Feature

UK - ePower Trucks,a division of LiftSafe Ltd., and based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, have announced the first of a range of four XT vehicles they are introducing. Available from £30,000, the XT320E costs around half the price of the current 3.5 tonne electric vans on the market and, according to the manufacturers, can deliver better range on a single charge. The standard XT320E electric LCV is capable of 60 miles on a full charge of its 13KwH battery pack and can carry a 1,000kg payload. The battery technology, which is adapted from successful military use, is maintenance-free and can operate at temperatures of up to -20℃. The packs can also be swapped out in less than 3 minutes, using a forklift truck.

The vehicle is available with a double battery pack, increasing the range to 120 miles, while still delivering a payload of 670kg and a GVW of 3.5t. ‘Fuel’ costs are a little over 2p per mile, compared to around 22p per mile for a diesel 3.5t LCV operating in urban areas. Coupled with lower maintenance and service costs, the ePower Trucks vehicle can pay for itself in around four years(possibly three years if operated daily in the London Congestion Charge zone).

Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePower Trucks, said:

“We looked at what was available on the market and identified a gap for a lower cost EV, with better range performance. Our expertise is in robust, pragmatic electric utility vehicles, so we used that experience to address the market from a different perspective. What we have delivered is a vehicle with a very attractive whole life cost model, which is also zero emission.”

ePower Trucks is exhibiting the XT Series at the IOG SALTEX show at Royal Windsor Racecourse, 7-9 September, on Stand V12. For further details, contact Jerry Hanss on 0161 626 9628 or connect HERE.