Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Australian Shipping Route Planned Whilst Island Ferry Row Continues

Cairns to Papua Route Considered as Stranded Tasmanian Crew Waits for Wages
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – A spokeswoman for Cairns Chamber of Commerce has revealed today that discussions are continuing with regard to initiating a new shipping service between the city’s port and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. A trade delegation arrives on the Island next month and will discuss the scheme, the brainchild of a consortium of North Queensland businessmen who believe the burgeoning liquefied natural gas project in Papua will demand an integrated infrastructure to supply goods and services.

Meanwhile the Flinders Island dispute trudges onward with politicos point scoring off each other as the crew wait disconsolately for their wages cheques to clear. Despite the lack of a captain when the lads on the Matthew Flinders knew that emergency food supplies were needed on the island they moved the vessel off the Lady Barron dock, her mooring for the past five days, as soon as it was allowed by authorities.

The political infighting and backbiting continues with the greens seeking a motion of no confidence in Infrastructure Minister Graeme Sturges listing numerous reasons why they felt him incompetent and referring back to a similar motion over his handling of the railways and other members referring to an incident in which Mr Sturges apparently berated a security guard. The Governments response was equally vitriolic saying that the motion clearly indicated the Green party’s inability to handle any form of government.

The Matthew Flinders with her crew still remains tied up out a hundred metres from the dock waiting for the situation to resolve itself.

Pic: Tasmania  by Photoeverywhere