Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Pallet Truck Means Peaceful Cargo Movements

Jungheinrich Introduce 'Silent Drive' System
Shipping News Feature

UK – Anyone connected with the shipping of goods is used to the electric whine of a powered pallet truck but for neighbouring businesses or residents a busy yard area for a freight consolidator or exporter can mean an unacceptable level of noise pollution. Now fork lift specialist Jungheinrich has announced the launch of an electric-powered pallet truck designed for use at sites where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum – such as retail outlets in residential areas.

The reduction in noise emissions has been achieved by a number of technical modifications to the truck, including the introduction of a low-noise pump which automatically turns off when the desired lifting height has been achieved and eliminates the sound that can sometimes be heard when electric-powered stackers reach maximum lift height.

“The Silent Drive option is ideal for retail outlets in built-up areas where deliveries are received early in the morning,” says Jungheinrich UK Ltd’s marketing manager, Craig Johnson. “It allows supermarkets and other retailers to be ‘good neighbours’ by cutting noise levels when goods arrive in the early hours.”

As well as its noise reduction option, the EJE 116 is safe an easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and can lift and transport loads weighing up to 1600 kg. The truck features a long tiller which guarantees safe operation by maintaining the right distance between operator and truck. In particularly narrow parts of the warehouse, a crawl speed button allows for safe travel at automatically reduced speed with the tiller in the upright position.