Thursday, September 30, 2010

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WORLDWIDE – JAPAN – EUROPE – US - The President of the Association of Trans Siberian Intermodal Operators of Japan came out this week to criticise complex customs procedures saying that, despite a 5% year on year increase in Japanese – European trade using the service more work needs to be done in organising scheduled rail freight containers services from the Far East into Russia. The Trans Siberian Railway (TSR) has the longest history of commercial freight operation between Europe and the Far East and is the longest railway in the world at 5,867 miles.

FedEx announced price rises at an investors meeting in Memphis on Wednesday. Express rates for the ‘World’s Largest Cargo Airline’ are to increase by an average of 3.9% from 3rd January 2011 whilst some of the company’s road freight truck services will increase 6.9%.

The pioneering campaign by Ray LaHood at the US Department of Transportation won another victory with Massachusetts becoming the latest state to put an ‘Anti Texting’ law on the statute books. From now on drivers in the Bay State will be stopped and prosecuted if driving whilst distracted. Slowly but surely Mr LaHood is persuading American drivers that their collective reluctance to accept the incontrovertible evidence of this dangerous practice is ruining countless lives.

The Baltic Dry Index slipped back a fraction this week to 2,468 which seemed to surprise some analysts despite the fact that it had enjoyed a steady rise for the opening part of the month and is still trading a couple of hundred points above its position one year ago and regardless of the commencement of the Chinese national holiday.

Disruption hit several European countries this week as expected when disgruntled workers, many from their countries public sector demonstrated in the streets, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia and Lithuania all saw mass protests with extreme violence in Barcelona as protesters fire bombed the Police who retaliated with truncheons and rubber bullets. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Brussels and the Greek truckers vowed to continue their all out demonstration whilst their customers threaten legal action for loss of earnings.