Friday, March 5, 2010

PD Ports Wins Asda Outstanding Carrier Award

Coastal Port Link Helps Cut Road Congestion
Shipping News Feature

UK - PD Ports, the operator of Teesport, has been crowned as the Most Outstanding Service Carrier of the Year in 2009 by leading UK retailer, ASDA, at its annual National Carrier of the Year awards ceremony.

The award was won by PD Ports for its Logical Link service - a coastal feeder container shipping service offering a next day connection between Felixstowe in the south of England and Teesport in the north, which runs three days per week.

ASDA has used the Logical Link service since it launched in January 2009, to ship goods destined for its northern markets into Teesport, where the retailer operates a 360,000ft distribution centre.

In its first year of operation, the Logical Link service reached its goal of reducing operational costs for customers and minimising the adverse impact that road transport has on the environment.

ASDA, which opened the first portcentric import centre at Teesport in 2006, has now considerably reduced the volume of company trucks on the already over-burdened UK road network. This has led to a saving of over 1,265,459 road miles, the equivalent of almost three trips to the moon and back.

Alex Linton, ASDAs supply chain operations manager, commented: "PD Ports innovation in the development of the Logical Link concept and the subsequent efficiency in the management of the service were key factors in winning this award.

"The continued improvement and solid performance in PD Ports transport business, PD Logistics, provided a further rationale for judging the company to merit this award."

Jerry Hopkinson, PD Ports' MD, Bulks, Ports & Logistics, said: "We are delighted to have been named as ASDAs outstanding service carrier of the year as a result of the success we have seen with the Logical Link service.

"There is without doubt, a continued and vital need to reduce the amount of freight transported by road from southern UK ports but which is destined for the north of the UK. This award further cements the benefits our customers can achieve through the Logical Link service."