Monday, November 30, 2009

Private Security Fights off Pirates  

Spanish Trawler Guards See Off Attack

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SOMALIA – The Spanish Ministry of Defence has said in a statement that an attack on a Spanish trawler on Sunday was repelled by the embarked private security guards. The half hour gun battle saw the pirates attempt to hit the trawler Ortube Berria with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).

Two skiffs pursued the vessel, which took place about 430 kilometres southwest of the Seychelles. None of the ship’s crew were injured during the attack.

The successful defence of the Ortube Berria comes after the Spanish made it their policy after the seizure of other trawlers to have all Spanish vessels operating off the coast of Somalia carry private security contractors to protect them.

This incident also follows the successful defence of the Maersk Alabama, whose own security force saw off an attack by pirates on the 18th of November.

(pic: Photographer’s Mate Airman Jason Landon, U.S. Navy)

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