Thursday, March 13, 2014

Project Freight Forwarding Success Leads to Future Contracts

Break Bulk Steam Turbine and Generator Shipment Concluded by Allseas Global
Shipping News Feature

INDIA – UK – The size of a project freight forwarding shipment just completed by Allseas Global is impressive, not only for the overall size of the consignment at almost 174 tonnes and 458 cubic metres, but for the two largest pieces, steam turbines of 75 and 50 tonnes respectively.

The contract emanated from Allseas Indian Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) partners, Jeena and Company, and involved the movement of the turbines plus generator, parts & accessories from the Port of Chennai (formerly Madras) in Southern India through to the end user in Oldbury in the West Midlands.

Following stowage and shipment aboard the Rickmers Mumbai the arrival in the UK was met by a convoy of specialist transport vehicles that included low loaders and step framed trailers, for on carriage to Oldbury and, following a successful conclusion, Allseas have now been awarded further shipments for the same customer.

Photo: The size of the shipment can be gauged by the giant case suspended aloft as the cargo offloads.