Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Road Haulage Association Back B Double Long Freight Truck And Get A Seat In Europe

UK Haulier Launches “Illegal” vehicle whilst RHA Gain International Road Transport Position
Shipping News Feature

UK – A British haulage company intends to launch a “B Double” or Longer Heavier Vehicle (LHV) by December this year, without the Government assent which is officially required. The British Government shelved the permission schedule for this type of vehicle some years ago, probably because the public perception of bigger trucks is of some smoke spewing monster which will cause carnage on the highways and damage to every road surface it travels on.

Denby, the Lincoln based haulier, have announced that, in the light of extensive legal advice, they will proceed to use the rig and await results. They are prepared to meet the authorities in Court if necessary, citing scientific evidence that the huge vehicle is actually utilising less road space and producing fewer toxic emissions.

B Doubles and even Triples are used extensively in many parts of the world but people have always been wary of extending vehicle lengths in the UK due to many road restrictions. The unit in question utilises a tractor with fifth wheel coupling and a steering axle on the link between primary and secondary trailers making a total of seven axles. This unit has been developed by Jumbo, a Dutch builder well known for supercube trailers and other large rigs.

Denby are confident that, provided they stay within existing weight and turning limits, the new vehicle is entirely legal. The Road Haulage Association have praised the company for keeping alive a debate which had stalled in the face of bureaucracy. It seems that negotiations with the Ministry of Transport have proved pointless and, should the vehicle be stopped by Police, the Court will be the final arbiter as to the legality of such equipment.

In separate RHA news this week Peter Cullum, Head of International Affairs, who has worked in negotiations with similar organisations across Europe for the past four years, has been elected vice president of the Goods Transport Council of the International Road Transport Union at the IRU’s six-monthly assembly in Geneva last week.

“This is a tremendous coup for the RHA”, said Association Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. “Our International Section works tremendously hard for those operating within mainland Europe and Peter’s election to this position will mean that the voice of the UK road haulier will be heard not just in the corridors of Westminster, but also in Brussels.”

Pic :- Peter Cullum