Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Road Haulage Trucks Now Under French Military Inspection in Calais

Latest Death Has Raised Feelings as Children Await Asylum Decisions
Shipping News Feature
FRANCE – UK – The Road Haulage Association (RHA) inform us that the French military are finally being deployed to carry out security checks on trucks bound for the UK from Calais, something for which the Association has been campaigning for nearly eighteen months. Feelings are running high in the region after the latest fatality, an Eritrean man run down by a British driver, allegedly as he placed barriers on the carriageway of the A16 motorway to slow drivers and gain access to the vehicles as they decelerated.

The driver in question, Abraham Reichman a jeweller aged 35 from London, who has been bailed to appear under the threat of an involuntary manslaughter charge, was in a car travelling home after a business trip. Mr Reichman claims when he stopped to assist the injured man he was assaulted by a mob of other migrants and had to flee the scene. Speaking of the situation and the latest move to engage French security forces in the truck searches, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said:

“Finally, the proposal to dismantle the Calais ‘Jungle’ is to become a reality. However, it essential that the safety of UK-bound HGV drivers and motorists passing through the Port is increased as migrants become even more desperate to reach our shores, seeing the dismantling of the Jungle as their last chance to reach UK soil.

“We are fully aware that the record number of migrants at the Port will not disappear overnight but it is of paramount importance that both the French and British governments work closely to make the whole dismantling process run as smoothly as possible. It is therefore imperative that Amber Rudd and her French counterpart, Bernard Cazeneuve resolve the issue of misplaced children in the camp and both governments must accept their responsibilities to achieve this as a matter of extreme urgency.

“The migrant issue stretches far beyond what is, in effect, the UKs doorstep. This is a Europe-wide issue and the flow of misplaced people, all seeking a better life must be addressed and the flow stopped. However, the main aim of the Road Haulage Association is to make sure that HGV drivers who ask for no more than to do their job safely and securely are allowed to do so. After years of asking for the camp to be dismantled, the ‘Jungle’ ball has finally started to roll, it is now crucial that nothing stands in its way and that law and order, for HGV drivers, motorists and the people of Calais, finally be restored.”

A major concern for the British government will be the 1,000 or so children currently waiting in Calais and claiming asylum. It is believed many will finally be admitted to the UK, some after waiting months for permission. Around 9,000 adults are also believed to be claiming asylum but no word of when or even if they will be admitted has emerged as yet.

Photo: A child looks longingly toward the coast from the Jungle Camp framed by the flags of Portugal, Britain and the Free Syrian Army. Three or four hundred of the juveniles in the camp are believed to be entitled to come to Britain.