Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shipping Container Security Goes To A New Level

Internal Activated Mesh System Provides Tamper Proof Protection
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – A new innovation from Tamper Proof Container Systems (TPCS) is said to offer, as near as is possible, complete protection for valuable cargoes whilst in transit or storage in any size shipping container. By fusing together a range of existing technologies the corporation has produced an internal, electrical web which shields every internal face of a 20 or 40 foot box.

The company utilises a Swiss manufactured textile mesh coupled with an isothane resin which together coat every side of the container, the resin securing the mesh and protecting it from differential movement. The resin is sturdy enough to eliminate damage from cargo loading, fork lift damage etc. As soon as the mesh is tampered with in any way, perhaps by a drill bit or angle grinder cutting into it, the system activates and using satellite technology the owner is alerted by a method he chooses (land telephone, cell phone etc.) anywhere in the world.

The system can be retrofitted into any shipping container and has been tested by the UK’s Loss Prevention and Certification Board who awarded the product their highest category of intrusion detection after failing to achieve any intrusion at ¼ inch resolution without an immediate alarm.

Communications are via Impeva Labs secure two way Iridium satellite based communication system with Peartrack providing the GSM/GPRS modules. Although most cargoes are unlikely to require such a security level, TPCS are targeting niche markets such as extremely high value shipments and military munitions shipments, etc.

The system, being repairable and flexible, also lends itself to other markets where protection of an enclosed space is required including a range of uses such as pipeline protection, telecoms units and rail wagons.

Interested readers can see a video of the system under test here.