Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Super Freight Truck Hits The Road As Predicted

Hauliers Plan to Launch LHV Challenge Takes to the Streets
Shipping News Feature

UK – As we reported in November, the long awaited challenge to the Governments indistinct position on Longer Heavier Vehicles, will be challenged today by Dick Denby’s, specially constructed “superlorry”. Lincoln based haulier Denby have made it clear for some time they intended to use the vehicle, total length apparently 83 feet, on British roads in spite of some Government opposition.

As we reported earlier the move has the tacit support of the Road Haulage Association which agrees with Mr Denby that the new vehicle will reduce pollution simply by dint of its extra carrying capacity. The Government are torn between the need to save fuel and pollutants, their rail freight incentive and the howls of protest from the car lobby who think more accidents and incidents, delays etc. will result from unrestricted use of such vehicles.

Mr Denby quotes the 1986 Vehicle Regulations which allow “certain vehicles” to be up to 85 feet in length overall. He has come out of retirement so that none of his 50 or so drivers has to risk prosecution. He fully expects to be detained by police on the inaugural run across Lincolnshire who will be faced with the dilemma of whether to prosecute for any perceived offences.

The principal objections to the larger vehicles are their turning circle, which may prove excessive for many smaller British roads, despite the fact they are used in many overseas countries, albeit with many objections from some quarters. Proponents say in addition to conserving fuel per tonne and reducing pollution, the bigger vehicles with extra axles and brakes, reduce road wear and stop 20% more efficiently than equivalently loaded artics.

We await developments with interest.

Footnote: The Denby Trailer was specially constructed by Jumbo NL