Monday, June 21, 2010

Truck Facts Of Interest To Any Transport Professional

US Site Worth a Look Particularly for Fleet Owners
Shipping News Feature

US – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) which evolved from the ATA Foundation is, like its predecessor a not for profit division of the American Trucking Association. The purpose of the ATRI is to examine and investigate factors relevant to the trucking industry by way of operational studies and much of what they publish can be of interest to any truck owner.

 Facts like the analysis of the operational costs of running a rig are examined in minute detail and can be found with a search of their comprehensive website. Last week the ATRI released the findings of its analysis of greenhouse gas reporting tools and emissions models, essential information for those seeking to quantify the carbon footprint associated with supply chains.

Mike Naatz, President – Customer Care Division and Chief Customer Officer for YRC Worldwide and a member of the ATRI Research Advisory Committee involved with the emissions research commented:

''This research is critical for motor carriers seeking to identify potential sources of greenhouse gas emissions within their operations. ATRI’s study also highlights the need for industry involvement in standardizing approaches for carbon accounting.”

The ATRI site contains much more information which fleet owners will find relevant, no matter where they are based.For example there are additional studies on economic costs and benefits for three commercial motor vehicle onboard safety systems, including roll stability systems and warnings of lane departures or imminent forward collisions.

Don’t expect to make a quick site visit if you are truly interested in learning more about truck safety, transport economics etc. but for anyone keen to see what results an in depth survey into most commercial vehicle related subjects can produce a few minutes perusing the site can be more than worthwhile.

Photo:- Navistar Truck in Specially Commissioned Harley Davidson Livery.