Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Truck Makers Join Freight Carriers Under The Anti Trust Spotlight

Authorities Raid Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – It was way back in September that we first revealed that the authorities were scrutinising some of the EU’s truck makers following raids in the UK by the Office of Fair Trading and there were hints that other major manufacturers might be involved in a cartel to rival the scandals we have witnessed in the freight forwarding and air freight carrier sectors.

Now Volvo tell us that they are under investigation after a series of raids on the premises of virtually all of the continents major truck builders. Investigators have swooped this week on companies in Italy and Germany as well as Sweden and it is believed Iveco, Scania, MAN and Daimler have all been asked to supply answers to questions regarding collusion over information exchanges likely to breach antitrust regulations.

Volvo have confirmed that the authorities are also looking at their subsidiary companies which include Renault Trucks and Mack and Daimler, the world’s biggest supplier of commercial vehicles, are the owners of Mercedes Benz, who were amongst those raided last year.

The wheels of the European Commission turn slowly so it is unlikely we will hear the last of the matter for quite some time to come.