Thursday, June 4, 2020

Video Deal Seals Agreement on Digitalisation for the Maritime Industry

Meanwhile a New Infection Certification Arrives
Shipping News Feature

NORWAY – SWITZERLAND – Classification society DNV GL and technology group ABB have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to accelerate digitalisation in the maritime industry. In the current style the deal was done remotely by video link in an online ceremony.

Even though DNV GL and ABB together have over two centuries of experience in the maritime sector, they say they have both been among the quickest to look to the power of new digital technologies to help ship owners and operators around the world optimise vessel performance, enhance quality, and deliver more secure and sustainable operations.

The MOU will see the pair work together on a ‘Digitalisation Roadmap’, to examine how the maritime industry can benefit from the greater availability of data, interconnectivity of systems, data analysis, and new technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, with Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV GL – Maritime, commenting:

“The Covid-19 crisis has made us find a new way to carry out this signing, and even if we couldn’t meet in person, it is nevertheless a great pleasure to be working together with ABB, and the crisis has the potential to trigger a lot of innovation and new ideas throughout the maritime world leading to a renaissance for the whole industry.

”At DNV GL, digitalisation has driven many of the new services and processes we have been working on to help our customers and improve our service delivery. Working together with ABB on this trend can help us explore its potential across the whole industry.”

A planned series of workshops will launch the development of the Roadmap and see ABB and DNV GL cooperate to unlock the benefits of new digital technologies and data analytics, as well as goals and standards, that can help to develop and enhance new and existing products and services. Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports, observed:

“Today, electric, digital and connected technologies are driving innovation in the marine industry at an unprecedented pace. Collaborating with DNV GL on the next steps in shipping’s digital journey, we look forward to opening up new opportunities for customers and empowering them to achieve increased gains in safety, efficiency and sustainability through digitalisation.”

In other DNV GL news the company has launched a new certification in infection prevention for the maritime industry following the travails of the pandemic. The qualification, CIP-M certification, enables shipping lines and operators to demonstrate they have procedures and systems in place for the proper prevention, control, and mitigation of infection, to protect their customers and crews, and is particularly relevant for cruise vessels. Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen again:

“The Covid-19 crisis has been unprecedented in its impact on the maritime industry, and on the cruise lines in particular, but I hope that with innovative ideas like CIP-M we can help the industry get moving again in a way that gives passengers and crew confidence that exacting measures are in place to enhance the cruise industry’s already rigorous health and safety standards.”

Photo: DNV GL - Maritime CEO Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen (left), speaks with Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports, via laptop at the signing.