Monday, October 3, 2011

WARNING - Fictitious Freight Forwarder Sends Fake Cargo Airwaybills

Handy Shipping Guide Targeted in Shipping Scam
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Handy Shipping Guide has been contacted by several individual importers lately in what is yet another internet scam. A company calling itself Handy Shipping Express has been e mailing or posting fake airwaybills containing details of consignments which simply do not exist. This fake freight forwarder says in an e mail that goods can be released on payment of various sums (in the latest case ‘10 milion rupiahs’) and that the cargo is ‘a gift’.

The Handy Shipping Guide obtained a UK telephone number (+44 703 188 7778) which transferred to an overseas line. The ‘gentleman’ who answered refused to give any details of who and where he was and swiftly put the phone down. The e mail in our photo, suitably doctored to remove the receivers name purports to be shipping goods from Manchester to Indonesia but not the spelling mistakes, ‘Serling’ for ‘Sterling’ etc.

Anyone who receives such an email should contact Police immediately.

And did you really think you’re so popular that someone you don’t even know has sent you an unsolicited gift (gold watch, ‘jewelries’, Apple ‘Lab’ top computer, ‘Black Berry’ phones etc. worth £65,000?