Friday, March 20, 2020

As Amazon Struggles to Cope UK Warehouses Offer More Storage Options to Negate Crisis

Virus Causes Online Giant to Run Out of Room
Shipping News Feature

UK – Following the news that online giant Amazon has decided it cannot stock certain items in its warehouses due to the current Covid-19 crisis, owing to what it describes as 'overwhelming demand', members of the leading trade organisation in the field, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) have stepped forward to offer temporary or permanent warehousing services to companies struggling to fulfil orders at this challenging time.

UKWA predicts a further increase in demand for additional warehousing services as labour shortages in warehouses are exacerbated when workers become ill, self-isolate to protect colleagues, or must stay at home as childcare becomes priority due to school closures. UKWA CEO Peter Ward explains both the problem, and the potential solution, thus:

“Although warehousing space was already in short supply prior to this pandemic, the situation has become considerably more difficult for companies attempting to maintain supplies to customers as big warehouse operators like Amazon move to stock essential household items only. However, our members, many of whom are SMEs, have the flexibility to plug some of the gaps.

“There is evidence of various ‘operators’ jumping in to provide ad hoc warehousing and distribution services as supply chains come under pressure, however UKWA members are accredited businesses that adhere to our high standards and can provide reliable, highly flexible, ‘plug and play’ services, not just space, but order fulfilment services too. We urge companies struggling in the current crisis to visit our website and search for a logistics partner, or to contact us directly to source much needed space.”

The UKWA website features an online tool, MarketSpace, which allows those seeking quality local warehousing to get in touch with the organisations 800+ members which together operate around 120 million square feet of warehousing at some 2000 locations across the UK, with space suitable for all manner of goods.

Photo: Even the vast resources available to Amazon are being stretched by the crisis. Courtesy of Amazon.