Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Shipping Line Switches Freight Document System To GT Nexus  

Emirates Confirm Use of E Commerce Interface

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Shipping News Feature

DUBAI – Emirates Shipping Line have decided to utilise the services of GT Nexus, the on demand global trade and logistics portal. Integration into the system will enable Emirates to deal directly with the network of import and export customers allied to the system. The announcement comes a few days after Panalpina announced their intention to use the GT Nexus database as host for their global transportation rate management.

The GT Nexus portal now hosts 15,000 organisations including banks and financial contacts as well as carriers and their customers. Emirates will use the system to provide an integrated link between their own back office systems and shipping and forwarding e customers around the world in a paperless system of document transfers.

Panalpina will process transport contracts and rates of carriage for the 1.2 million TEU’s which the company throughputs annually. The GT Nexus system operates entirely on the internet (much like Handy Shipping Guide) with no need for customers to buy or install software.

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