Monday, June 16, 2014

Innovative Hull Cleaning Solution from Global Logistics and Marine Services Group

Remotely Operated Vehicle Dispenses with the Need for Divers and Chemicals
Shipping News Feature

UAE – SWEDEN – Having offered its innovative HullWiper service in Fujairah last month, GAC EnvironHull, a subsidiary of the global shipping, logistics and marine services provider GAC Group, has now added Gothenburg as the latest port to see the eco-friendly, brush-and-diver-free hull cleaning service. The west coast port is the first in Europe to host the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) which uses adjustable pressure sea water jets as the cleaning medium rather than brushes or abrasives, resulting in minimal damage to the antifouling surface.

During the cleaning process residues and harmful marine growths captured are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner when back on dry land instead of being discharged into the sea as is usual with traditional hull scrubbing methods thereby maintaining the customers green credentials. A video of the device in action can be seen here.

The company launched HullWiper in Dubai in November 2013 and now another unit has been made available to the Swedish port operated through Frog Marine Services AB, a local underwater services provider in partnership with GAC EnvironHull, whose Managing Director, Simon Doran describes the ROV as ‘the future of underwater hull cleaning’ commented:

“Because HullWiper ROV’s operation requires no divers, cleaning may be performed round-the-clock, whilst vessels calling at the port are at berth to load or discharge cargo. There is also no issue working during the hours of darkness or at the very low temperatures that the long Scandinavian winter can bring.

“We have maintained a steady competitive position in the Middle East since last year’s launch of our hull cleaning technology. Now, it’s time for us to broaden our horizons, to approach and better serve international clients seeking a cost-effective and 'green' solution. Europe, and especially Scandinavia, is home to many major international and domestic ship owners, managers and operators who need effective and efficient vessel maintenance, cleaning and repairs. By bringing the HullWiper service to Gothenburg, we are meeting that need and offering them a greater choice.”

For more about HullWiper at Gothenburg, contact GAC EnvironHull Head Office in Dubai +971 4 435 3296 or Frog Marine Services AB  +46 (0) 31 788 2100

Photo: The ROV about to be launched.