Monday, October 12, 2009

More Weapons Seized From Container Ship Last Week

Spate of Illegal Arms Confiscations Continues
Shipping News Feature

GULF OF SUEZ – The continuing surveillance of suspect shipments produced more results last week when US troops raided the MV Hansa India and discovered seven containers laden with munitions.

The ship was allowed to proceed to Malta under supervision where a further container was discovered and impounded on Friday. The cargo proved to be ammunition for 7.62 mm calibre weapons suitable for the terrorist weapon of choice, the Kalashnikov assault rifle plus spare cartridges suitable for further manufacture of ammunition.

The consignees were probably Hezbollah (not as reported elsewhere the Syrian Army – Syria manufactures its own 7.62 mm cartridges) and the ship has been under long term charter by Leonhardt & Blumberg of Hamburg to Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, a state funded company.

We are informed that the raid was conceived following intelligence received and that two US warships stopped the German managed vessel which then proceeded to port after an intervention from the German government. The containers were discharged at Malta’s Freeport, which has been used by the Iranian Line, and it’s partner IRISL Malta for years, often a dozen times a week or more. Officials are now checking the trading history of the companies involved for irregularities and possible deceptions in the past.

The raid is almost what certainly led to the embargo on the Iranian Company by the British Government some hours ago (see preceding story). More illicit carriage of arms can be found by entering ‘weapons’ into the News Search Box.